Kenmore offers both SuperSafe and Deluxe Stock Sheets as an affordable, safe and versatile way to organize your collection.  These archival quality stock sheets will protect your stamps and give you far greater versatility and flexibility to move pages around than our hingeless albums.  Both products are Double-sided and available in 6 sizes from 1 to 8 rows with crystal-clear pockets attached to sturdy black backing.

The table below summarizes the minor differences between the SuperSafe and the Deluxe Stock Sheets.

SuperSafe Stocksheets Deluxe Stocksheets
As low as 90¢ per sheet $1.95 per sheet
Pockets attached on 3 sides Acetate strips attached on bottom
Archival clear polymer pockets heat-welded on front and back sides to a heavy black plastic back sheet Archival clear acetate strips are glued to heavy black paper card stock
About 30 sheets per inch About 15 sheets per inch
7¾" pocket width protective acetate is 7½" wide
Welded pockets never become detached, but stamps may shift in pockets if jarred or dropped While the tight bottom seam holds stamps securely, pockets become detached if overloaded