• Mis-Perforated Errors

Stamp collectors just love to find postage stamp errors. For these misperforated stamp errors the number discovered are unknown but the numbers are miniscule compared to the number of regular stamps produced. They are eye-catching, affordable and look impressive when you see them in a collection!


US #1618 13¢ Liberty Bell

1975 Misperf Coil Error Pair
Collectors dream of finding error stamps, and you can add this unusual Liberty Bell coil perforation error to your collection at a very affordable price.  Not only does our beloved Liberty Bell have a crack, now the government has tried to split it again by mis-perforating this coil pair. (#1618 misperf pair)


US #1252 5¢ American Music

NEW  1965 Misperf Single
This classically-inspired design takes a shift to the left in this mis-perforated mint single. (#1252 misperf)


US #1394 8¢ Eisenhower

NEW 1971 Misperf Single
A shift of the horizontal perforations creates an unintentional design change, moving the inscriptions to the top in this unusual mis-perforated mint single. (#1394 misperf)


US #1504 8¢ Angus Cattle

NEW  1973 Misperf Single
A misplaced horizontal perforation slices through the bold "RURAL AMERICA" inscription, moving most of it to the bottom of the stamp in this eye-catching mis-perforated mint single. (#1504 misperf)


US #2094 20¢ Herman Melville

NEW  1984 Misperf Single
Author Herman Melville once said "Failure is the true test of greatness." By this measure, whoever was in charge of perforating this stamp must be truly great, with a misplaced horizontal perforation moving the "USA 20c" inscription to the top of the design in this mint mis-perforated single. (#2094 misperf)


US# 3477 34¢ Statue of Liberty

NEW  2001 Misperf Coil Error Pair
With recent advances in modern printing technology, you'd think major production errors would be a relic of the past. However, occasionally we discover dramatic errors such as this self-adhesive Statue of Liberty coil where a misplaced "perforation" die cut slices the design right down the middle. (#3477 misperf coil pair)


US # 807 3¢ Jefferson

1938 Mint Mis-perforated Single
Thomas Jefferson was a perfectionist, so it's ironic that this mint 1938 Jefferson issue was so severely misperforated that the right-hand "3" denomination was moved to the left side! Would the Post Office have taken this as a 33¢ stamp? Add this nearly 80 year old mint misperf error to your collection at a bargain price! (#807 misperf single)


US #1033 2¢ Thomas Jefferson

1954 Mint Mis-perforated Single
Were he alive today, Thomas Jefferson would be considered a progressive, which adds to the irony that his portrait is shifted to the right on this mis-perforated mint single. (#1033 misperf)


US #1055e 2¢ Jefferson Precancel Error

1957 Mint Mis-perforated Pair
Thomas Jefferson, obsessed with perfection, certainly would have disapproved of the misplaced perforations on this mint precancelled coil pair! (#1055 misperf precancel coil pair)


US #1305E 15¢ Oliver W. Holmes

1978 Mint Mis-perforated Pair
Although errors can hardly be called "perfect", you have to admit that the perforations on this mint coil pair couldn't be more misplaced - perfectly down the center of the stamp! The error creates a new design, moving the portrait of Holmes to the left and the denomination to the right, and you can add this startling error to your collection at a great price! (#1305E misperf coil pair)


US #1591 9¢ Capitol Dome

1975 Mint Mis-perforated Single
The massive Dome has graced our nation's Capitol Building for over 150 years and is currently undergoing a multi-year restoration. However they didn't expect it to be split down the middle! A dramatic perforation shift splits the iconic dome in half on this 1975 mint single. (#1591 misperf single)


US #1592 10¢ Justice

1977 Mint Mis-perforated Single
A shift of the horizontal perforations changes the inscription to allow people to "petition for red". Would we also need to petition for white and blue? You won't need a petition to add this 1977 mint perforation shift single to your collection. (#1592 misperf single)


US #2011 20¢ Aging Together Misperf

The "Aging together" caption is split in two on this mint 1982 commemorative issue, while the grandparents accidentally lose the top of their heads! (#2011 misperf single) More...