Marsh Is.#301 Rangoon Falls to Japanese - 1992 Imperforate Mint Issue

March 8, 1942 Right from the start, the Japanese offensive that began on the Burma frontier on January 20 went wrong for the British. They were forced to fight a retreating defensive battle protecting a wide front. In the air, however, heavy losses were inflicted on Japanese bombers by the outnumbered R.A.F., Indian Air Force and the Flying Tigers, delaying the enemy's advances. The Japanese offensive relentlessly pressed on, driving British ground troops toward Rangoon, the capital of Burma. If Rangoon could be captured, the Burma Road supply line supporting the army of Chiang Kai-shek in China would be broken. On March 7, the waterfront of the evacuated capital was set ablaze and the Japanese entered the city the next day without resistance. The defeated British forces avoided surrender and began an arduous 1,000-mile retreat through the rugged jungle terrain to India.

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