#3189 - 1970s Bicentennial, Watergate & Earth Day - Set of 15

The iconic decade of disco music carried on many of the cultural revolutions pioneered in the 1960s. Environmental protection and ending racial and gender discrimination were at the forefront of American policies. The nation watched as President Richard Nixon became the first president to resign from office in 1974, following the events of the infamous Watergate scandal. Scientific advances allowed for greater space exploration, new medical imaging techniques, and the birth of modern computing. Musical preferences varied from jazz and country to the new style of hip-hop, and in film, the science fiction phenomenon “Star Wars” hit the big screen. VCRs and video games began to appear more commonly in homes by the end of the decade as technology became more sophisticated while remaining user-friendly. Scott 3189 1970s Bicentennial, Watergate & Earth Day

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#3189 - 1970s Bicentennial, Watergate & Earth Day - Set of 15
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