#3191 - 1990s Cold War Ends, Economy Booms - Set of 15

With the cold war finally at an end, revolutions in digital technology created one of the most prosperous decades in America with the creation of the World Wide Web. Email and instant messaging systems gave the general public a new communication platform. Advances in science led to the creation of Dolly the sheep, the first cloned mammal, as well as the mapping of the human genome. The National Hockey League saw significant expansion, adding nine new teams and relocating several others to new cities. The movie industry was changed forever by Walt Disney Animation Studios after releasing Toy Story, the first full-length CGI movie. Americans were hopeful as this decade closed, curious about what the new millennium would bring. Scott 3191 1990s Cold War Ends, Economy Booms

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#3191 - 1990s Cold War Ends, Economy Booms - Set of 15
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