10¢ Columbus Presenting Natives - US #237 Unused

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Over 125 years ago, in 1893 the U.S. Post Office took a gamble that would change the public's view of postage stamps forever by issuing the world's first commemorative stamps. Issued at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the series known as the Columbians have been extremely popular with collectors ever since. "Columbus Presenting Natives" is from a mural by Luigi Gregori on display at Notre Dame University. In order to prove he reached the New World, Columbus forcibly captured natives from the Bahamas and took them back to Spain. 

This unused 10¢ issue may have minor imperfections such as disturbed gum, a bend or a straight edge, but it will be an attractive stamp with fine or better centering and a welcome addition to your collection - plus you save 50% off our regular price! And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. (US #237)

10¢ Unused Columbian with minor faults - regularly $180.00

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Regularly $180.00 Special $90.00
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