30¢ Columbus At La Rabida - US #239 Unused

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Columbus at La Rabida" is from a painting by Felipe Maso. In 1490, after the Spanish refused his pleas for support, Columbus shifted his focus to the French Court, and his travels took him through La Rabida, where he accepted the hospitality of the local monastery. It was here he met Martin Alonso Pinzon, who later became commander of the Pinta.


This unused 30¢ issue may have minor imperfections such as disturbed gum, a bend or a straight edge, but it will be an attractive stamp with fine or better centering and a welcome addition to your collection - plus you save $125 off our regular price! And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. (US #239)


30¢ Unused Columbian with minor faults - regularly $350.00
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Regularly $350.00 Special $210.00
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