#4140 - 17¢ Bighorn Sheep - serp 11 coil

From the blazing deserts of the American Southwest to the frigid peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the Bighorn Sheep is actually divided into several different subspecies. Though adaptable to terrain that would prove problematic for most predators, the Bighorn Sheep is susceptible to a variety of diseases that have severely reduced the population in the past century. The species is known to be an excellent indicator of land quality due to their sensitivity of man-made environmental changes and are admired in Native American culture. Microprinted USPS can be seen on the sheep's right horn on the left side of the stamp. Scott 4140 Bighorn Sheep

Order Pre-cut Mounts 22 x 25 mm - 40 per pack

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#4140 - 17¢ Bighorn Sheep - serp 11 coil
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