#4399S- 44¢ The Simpsons - Set of 5

Winning twenty-four Emmy Awards, five Writers Guild of America Awards, and a Peabody Award in the twenty years since television audiences were first introduced to the series in 1989, The Simpsons have become an American icon. The satirical family has tackled just about every subject imaginable, and as new news headlines are made each week, dedicated fans may ask themselves, “how will the Simpsons handle this?” Though the show has often received criticism for its handling of certain topics, it has overcome every obstacle set in its path and continues to run with no end in sight. If we were to put every Simpsons character on a stamp, we would never be finished, so the Post Office settled on this set of five stamps displaying each member of the Simpsons family: the clumsy and dim-witted father Homer, the overworked housewife Marge, the rebellious son Bart, the genius daughter Lisa, and the innocent baby Maggie. Scott 4399-4403 The Simpsons

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#4399S- 44¢ The Simpsons - Set of 5
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