#5504S- Ruth Asawa - Set of 10

Ruth Asawa (1926–2013) was a Japanese-American sculptor known for her use of wire to create beautiful abstract pieces. Many of her sculptures were influenced by natural elements with geographic shapes such as plants, seashells, insect wings, and spider webs. As a child, she spent part of World War II in internment camps. When she was ready to go to college she left the camp and went to college planning to be a teacher. She was denied positions due to her heritage and left school before getting her degree. Friends persuaded her to join them at Black Mountain College, an alternative school for the arts, where she began her work with wire. She was not bitter about what happened to her but throughout the rest of her life she was an outspoken advocate for art education. Besides her sculpture she is also known for her paintings, drawings, and other forms that have appeared in galleries and museums across the world. The 10 stamps in this set feature stunning geographic wire sculptures from various phases of her career. Scott 5504-13 Ruth Asawa
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#5504S- Ruth Asawa - Set of 10
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