Cuba Stamp Embargo Lifted - Postal Issues from 2000

The Cuban Revolution!

Cuban postage stamps have been a popular with collectors following the defeat of Spain in the 1898 Spanish-American War.

 Yet issues from Castro’s Communist Cuba were banned to American collectors by President John F. Kennedy since 1962 -- and just recently allowed into the United States.

 64 Stamps Plus 1 Commemorative Sheet Issued in 2000

Along with Cuban revolutionaries, like the martyred guerrilla leader Che Guevara, you’ll discover alluring Latino dancers … action-filled Olympics … famous landmarks … powerful steam locomotives … early aviation pioneers … beautiful butterflies and tropical fish plus historic Stamp-on-Stamp issues celebrating 145 years of Cuban postage stamps!

 Includes Fully Illustrated Album Pages!

 As a FREE BONUS, we’ll include Matching Illustrated Album Pages!  You’ll also receive other complete set Cuba collections every 5 or 6 weeks on 15-Day Free Examination.

 FIRST COLLECTION Is Only $24 - a savings of 50% off its catalog value!

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