Liberation of Jakarta - #C47-56 1949 Mint NH Set of 9 - Save 50%

On August 17, 1945, only two days after the surrender of Japan, President Sukarno declared Indonesia's independence from the Netherlands and its wartime Japanese occupation. Although World War II was in its final days, this was the beginning of four years of battle between Indonesian forces and the Netherlands, who wanted to regain control of its remote possession. A naval blockade cut off Indonesia's ties with the rest of the world. With ties to the mother country severed, the new government contracted with the Austrian Government Printers to produce attractive new stamps publicizing Indonesia's independence. Amazingly, these stamps were smuggled past the Dutch blockade and distributed to local post offices. Following the 1949 liberation of the capital city Jakarta from Dutch occupation and the release of Sukarno from prison, a number of stamps issued earlier in the year were overprinted to commemorate this victory. This beautiful pictorial set shows airplanes over the Indonesia countryside as well as pilots and aircraft mechanics. Neglected for decades, this fascinating area of Indonesian history has only recently been discovered by collectors! Indonesia C47-56

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