Indonesia Revolution Album

Valuable 1948-1949 Collection - 38 Never-Hinged Stamps 
Revolution postage stamps recently listed by catalog editors*

When the Japanese-occupied Dutch East Indies islands of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Timor, Bali and New Guinea were liberated at the end of World War II they declared their independence establishing the new nation of Indonesia.

Attack and Embargo!

The euphoria of independence faded as the Dutch used force to reestablish their colonial rule by sending troops and enforcing a naval blockade to cripple Indonesia's fragile economy.  It took nearly 4 years before the Dutch relented and recognized Indonesia.

Spectacular Jumbo-Sized Issues for less than $2 a Stamp!

This war-torn period is chronicled on these 38 mint stamps - all clearly identified by year and denomination including vital relief aircraft and ships avoiding the Dutch naval blockade and the exciting "Liberation of Jakarta" overprints!  A great bargain - the stamps alone have a $101 catalog value plus you also get the gold-titled album and the fascinating story of their incredible struggle for independence.

Mint Indonesia Revolution Album Collection

*While these Indonesian Revolution issues have been listed by European and Asian catalog publishers for many years it took the Scott catalog editors 60 years before they added them to their Indonesia catalog listing!  Check your collection - most collectors are missing these key early Indonesian stamps.