Marsh Is.#330 Liberation of Kharkov - 1993 Imperforate Mint Issue

February 16, 1943 After the victory at Stalingrad, the Red Army unleashed its massive winter offensive on the besieged city of Kharkov, the capital of the Ukraine. Hitler ordered his generals to hold the city at all cost and dispatched Lt. General Hausser with his three Panzer Tank divisions to counterattack. Three days later Hausser would be forced to retreat back to the city, only to find it in the midst of a partisan rebellion. Defying direct orders from Hitler, he fled to the mountains to save his men and equipment. The Russians were horrified to find that half of the city’s population had been decimated by German brutality. The liberation of Kharkov was short-lived; by late February the city was retaken and the Russian winter offensive had ground to a halt. Despite the setback, the winter offensive was very effective, with estimates of one million German soldiers lost along with 5,000 aircraft and 9,000 tanks destroyed.

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