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Mexico salutes the 175th anniversary of its independence with this large (5" x 6.25") commemorative sheet showing five of its most celebrated national heroes surrounding an imperforate 90-peso stamp. Pictured are these fighters for Mexican independence:

  • Leona Vicario - A supporter of the Mexican War of Independence, she provided intelligence and financial support to the independence movement.
  • Miguel Hidalgo - A Catholic priest, he gathered an army of 100,000 farmers and civilians to fight the Spanish oppression.
  • Jose Morelos - Also a Catholic priest, he assumed leadership after the execution Hidalgo and led Mexican troops to numerous victories against the Spanish.
  • Ignacio Allende - Originally a captain in the Spanish army in Mexico, he joined the independence movement and fought alongside Hidalgo, eventually assuming leadership of the revolutionary army.
  • Vicente Guerrero - The son of an African slave, he was one of the leading revolutionary generals in the War of Independence, commanding the troops after the capture of Morelos. He was elected Mexico's second president in 1829.

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