Argentina Classic Film Posters - 1992 Complete Mint Set of 5

Save $2 on this 1992 Complete Mint Set of 5

 Argentina has been a key player in international film production since their first film in 1896, and is one of the major film producers in the Spanish-speaking world. Argentina is even the first Latin American country to win Academy Awards, and has won sixteen Goya Awards, the most of any nation. While not familiar to most American audiences, Argentinian films are very popular in the Spanish-speaking world and have been translated for international audiences, and thousands of cinema lovers flock to international film festivals in Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata.

 Argentina pays tribute to their successful film industry with this colorful set reproducing five classic film posters, from the 1948 best picture winner "Dios Se Lo Pague" ("God Bless You") to the 1985 Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film "La Historia Oficial" ("The Official Story"), a historical drama taking place during the last military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983. Add these beautiful examples of cinema poster art to your collection and save $2 off our regular price! (Argentina #1779-83)

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