#4341 - 42¢ Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The iconic anthem of the 7th inning stretch, the lyrics were written during a 30 minute subway ride by Jack Norworth in 1908, with a tune composed by Albert Von Tilzer. Though most people are only familiar with the chorus of the song, two other verses exist that show the song to be from the viewpoint of a woman named Katie Casey. In the lyrics, Katie Casey is depicted as an avid lover of baseball, and turns down a date unless her suitor takes her to a ball game. The chorus lines of the song are instructions for what to do on her date. Interestingly enough, neither man responsible for the creation of the song had actually seen a baseball game before writing what would become a traditional baseball tune. Scott 4341 Take Me Out to the Ball Game

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#4341 - 42¢ Take Me Out to the Ball Game
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