#4558 - (44¢) Edward Hopper - The Last Leg

Known as a painter of loneliness, isolation and solitude, Edward Hopper (1882-1967) is best remembered for his realist-style oil paintings which commonly captured natural beauty with a somewhat darker tone than most other realists. During his studies, he was inspired by artist Robert Henri, who while teaching at the Parsons School of Design told his students “it isn’t the subject that counts but what you feel about it.” Hopper’s career reached a turning point when his wife Josephine began to assist him in managing his career and posing for numerous portraits. Hopper was majorly influenced by Josephine, a fellow artist, and with her support quickly became a major success. Much of their joint collection resides in the Whitney Museum of American Art in Manhattan, New York. Scott 4558 Edward Hopper

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#4558 - (44¢) Edward Hopper - The Last Leg
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