Civil War Heroes & Battles - Save $3.50 on this 1995 Mint Sheet of 20

Issued 25 years ago, this sheet of 20 features soldiers, statesmen, abolitionists and individuals who played a significant role in the War Between the States. Among the 16 individuals pictured, you'll find Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, Generals Grant and Sherman, abolitionists Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, and nurse Clara Barton. Each of the stamps in the four corners represent key battles such as Shiloh and Gettysburg. Printed on the back of each stamp is a brief description of the subject. (US #2975)

Civil War Heroes & Battles sheet – Regularly $43.50 – Save $3.50
Kenmore Online Special Only $40.00

Regularly $43.50 Special $40.00
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