#3185 - 1930s Depression, Dust Bowl & New Deal - Set of 15

Relief, recovery, and reform. These three “Rs” were the foundation of President Roosevelt’s New Deal program, set in motion to help combat the devastating economic effects of the Great Depression. Entertainment in the form of comic books, movies, and the hit board game Monopoly helped Americans temporarily escape from the dismal reality of economic downturn. Symbols of American triumph, such as the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge assured the people of brighter futures, and the “Star-Spangled Banner” was named as the country’s national anthem to give the masses hope for the present. Many watched at the end of the decade as the conflict in Europe continued to grow, and began to wonder if America would become involved in a new war. Scott 3185 1930s Depression, Dust Bowl & New Deal

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#3185 - 1930s Depression, Dust Bowl & New Deal - Set of 15
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