$10.75 Express Mail Pane - Save $23 On This Used Pane!

In 1985 the Post Office increased the Express Mail rate and issued this eye-catching stamp. It was the highest face value stamp at the time and the first U.S. postage stamp with a face value over $10. Although it was printed in booklet panes of 3, most stamps were used as singles and fully intact used booklet panes are rarely seen. We were fortunate to purchase a holding of pristine used booklet panes with choice light cancels and intact plate markings, which were usually torn off when the stamps were removed from the booklet. Our usual price for 3 used singles is $44.25, and our special purchase gives you a savings of over 50% off our price for used singles! (US #2122 pane of 3)

$10.75 Express Mail Choice Used Booklet Pane of 3 Regularly $44.25

Kenmore Online Special Only $21.00

Regularly $44.25 Special $21.00
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