Using Stamp Mounts

Stamp Mounts provide an alternative to stamp hinges to display your stamps in an album. They provide a professional level of protection for your more valuable stamps.

Split back stamp mount


A Stamp Mount consists of a clear polymer face against black background that has been split into 2 halves. This split-back mount allows you to easily insert your stamp and place it on your album page. Stamp Mounts help to protect the stamp and attaches it to your album page without affecting the gum on the back of the stamp.


Stamp Mount Assortment and Mount Cutter


Available in a variety of sizes, pre-cut Stamp Mounts can be purchased sized to the majority of stamps. Our Stamp Mount Assortment contains 8 of the most common sizes for mounting U.S. stamps.

1. Use the Stamp Mount Scale to determine the proper size mount. For less common sizes, Stamp Mount Strips can be cut down to the appropriate size needed with a Guillotine Stamp Cutter.


Inserting Stamp into Mount



2. Lift one flap on the back of the stamp mount and slide the top of the stamp in, then lift the other flap and lay the stamp flat inside. Allow both flaps to close over the back of the stamp. Make sure that the stamp fits smoothly inside without bending or cramping on the top or bottom.




Moisten a small area at top of mount


3. Use a minimal amount of moisture to wet a small portion of the adhesive on the back near the top of the Stamp Mount, and press it firmly into the album.





Mount and Stamps on album page

Beautifully contrasted against a black background, you have now given your prized stamps premium protection from damage, helping to assure that they are kept in the best condition.

An alternative technique involves affixing the mount first to the album page and then inserting the stamp by raising the lower half of the mount that is not affixed to the album. Either method is acceptable.