1861 3¢ Washington - US #65 Unused

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155 years old and one of the oldest stamps in the world still valid for postage, the 1861 finely engraved 3¢ Washington replaced an earlier stamp declared invalid at the outbreak of the Civil War. With stocks of U.S. stamps still in the hands of postmasters in the rebel states, the U.S. Post Office feared that they could be sold, providing money to the Confederate States, so new designs were rushed into production to replace the stamps issued prior to 1861 that were demonetized.


While this unused 3¢ issue may have minor imperfections such as a short perf, a small thin or a straight edge, it will be a welcome addition to your collection - and you can save $45 off our regular price! And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. (US #65)


3¢ Unused Washington with minor faults - regularly $125.00
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Regularly $125.00 Special $80.00
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