#3210 - 98 $1 Trans-Mississippi - sheet of 9

It took 100 years for post office to re-issue these classic 1898 Trans-Mississippi designs in their intended colors!  Due to cost and time constraints attributed to the Spanish-American War the government chose to print this 1898 commemorative set using one color per stamp. To celebrate their centennial in 1998 the post office utilized the original 1898 engraved printing dies to print all 9 values - from 1¢ to $2 in their intended two color format. The $1 value, known as Cattle in Storm, is to this day considered to be one of the most beautiful and finely engraved stamps ever produced. Scott 3210 Trans-Mississippi

Order Pre-cut Mounts 187 x 160 mm

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#3210 - 98 $1 Trans-Mississippi - sheet of 9
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