Spectacular 110-page album collection from 1990-1996

538 Beautiful Stamps
Over 85% of all postal issues during that seven-year period!

Romania's Dark Age of Communism ended in late December 1989 with the overthrow of the corrupt dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. The National Salvation Front, an interim coalition of Communists, Military and Romanian dissidents, filled the power void and helped maintain stability allowing democratic elections to quickly take place in May 1990!

First Post-Communist Independence Issues!

Since their dramatic revolution Romania has revitalized itself! Kenmore has assembled a fascinating historic collection that encompasses the first 7 years of its young independence - an amazing 538 stamps - all in complete sets - over 85% of all the postage stamps issued during this period!

Includes 110-Page Illustrated Album

You'll discover a national treasure of Olympic sports, soccer, animals, birds, ancient monasteries and priceless artworks in this massive collection. The postage stamps alone have an International Catalog Value in excess of $170 and you can have it at an affordable price of only $125 - a 25% savings!

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