Halley's Comet Returns - 1985 Mint Set of 6 & Sheet

It's called the "once in a lifetime" comet.  Mark Twain once said "I came in with the comet in 1835. It is coming again next year and I expect to go out with it." This famous comet makes a return to the earth's vicinity every 75 years, and its return in 1986 was celebrated around the world. Mentions of the comet's visits date back over a thousand years, but it was British astronomer Edmond Halley who studied its orbit in the 18th century and accurately predicted its 1759 return.

This outstanding space set from the Central African Republic depicts the study of the comet, from early observations by Halley and Isaac Newton to the 1986 "close encounter" visits by the Giotto and Vega space probes. Add this colorful complete mint set of 6 stamps and commemorative sheet – now almost 40 years old – to your collection and save $10.80 off its $22.30 catalog value! (Central African Republic #779-785)

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