Great Britain #3 and #4 - World's 3rd and 4th Postage Stamps - Incredibly Affordable

1841 Great Britain Complete Used Set of 2
Shortly after producing history’s first postage stamps (the Penny Black and Two-Penny Blue), Great Britain released this imperforate pair – two more years would pass before any other nation issued its first stamps! More than 175 years old, this beautifully-engraved set has stood the test of time!

Telling the difference between G.B. #1 (the Penny Black) and G.B. #3 is easy - the "One Penny" denomination was changed to a red-brown color so the cancels could be seen better by Postal workers. The "Two Pence" difference is a little more subtle. The blue G.B. #4 has a white horizontal line above the "Two Pence" denomination.