#4201 - 41¢ Mendez v. Westminster

Considered the precursor to Brown v. Board of Education, this court case established the first ruling in favor of the desegregation of schools in the United States. When Gonzalo Mendez’s sister, Soledad Vidaurri, attempted to enroll her children and those of her brother in the Westminster Elementary School District, she was told that her brother’s children could not be admitted due to the color of their skin. Her own were set to be accepted because of their lighter complexions, but she refused to accept the school’s position. When the case was brought to court, the school offered Mendez admission for his children if they dropped the suit, but he refused the offer. The case ultimately ruled that segregation practices were in violation of the 14th Amendment and therefore unconstitutional. Scott 4201 Mendez v. Westminster

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#4201 - 41¢ Mendez v. Westminster
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