Rocky Mountain Beacon - 1928 Mint Airmail Plate Strip of 3

To increase the use of airmail service the Post Office lowered rates in 1928 from 10¢ to 5¢ per ounce. The new 5¢ stamp showed a beacon light atop Sherman Hill in Wyoming, one of the technological landmarks that allowed pilots to find their way cross-country at night. This large eye-catching, bi-colored stamp was expensive and time-consuming to produce. After two years, it was replaced by a different and more economical single-colored stamp.

This plate strip shows the red and blue plate numbers, as well as the "TOP" inscription to prevent an invert mistake like the famous error from 10 years earlier. At the time of issue, many collectors preferred to collect plate imprints in this format. Add this attractive mint plate strip of 3, issued over 90 years ago, to your collection at a special price - only $3 more than our regular price for 3 single stamps! (US #C11 plate strip of 3)

1928 Rocky Mountain Beacon Mint Plate Strip of 3

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