1904 2¢ Jefferson - US #324 Unused

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 The 1803 Louisiana Purchase was one of the greatest real estate bargains in history. For about $15 million, the United States purchased 828,000 square miles from France, stretching from Louisiana to the Canadian border and including portions of 15 states and two Canadian provinces. While we can't offer you land at pennies per acre, we can offer this mint 2¢ stamp issued in 1904 to commemorate the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, picturing Thomas Jefferson who presided over this historic land deal, at 40% off our regular price.

 While this unused 2¢ issue may have minor imperfections such as a short perf, a small thin, average centering or a straight edge, it will be a welcome addition to your collection - and you can save $17 off our regular price! And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. (US #324)

 2¢ Unused Louisiana Purchase with minor faults - regularly $42.00

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