4¢ Electric Automobile - US #296 Unused

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The Pan-American Exposition of 1901 celebrated progress in so many ways -- the turn of a century into a modern age of invention and American ingenuity. The 4¢ Electric Automobile represents all the hopes and visions of that fascinating time. Once considered a mere plaything, not a serious way to travel, cars now dominates our culture. Appearing in 1901, it is the world's first automobile pictured on a postage stamp.


This unused 4¢ issue, over 115 years old, may have minor imperfections such as disturbed gum, a bend or a straight edge, but it will be an attractive stamp with fine or better centering and a welcome addition to your collection - plus you save $46 off our regular price! And as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed. (US #296)


4¢ Unused Pan-American with minor faults - regularly $135.00
Kenmore Online Special Only $81.00

Regularly $135.00 Special $81.00
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