#4440S- 44¢ Distinguished Sailors - Set of 4

The U.S. Navy is one of the strongest naval forces in the world today, though it would not be so without sailors with the ambition and determination to give everything they had to the service. Admiral William Sims fought to modernize and improve all aspects of the U.S. Navy. When his superiors ignored his suggestions, he wrote directly to President Roosevelt, who agreed with Sims' assessments and awarded him a promotion. Admiral Arleigh Burke served with distinction during WWII and the Korean War. He wielded the might of the U.S. Navy effectively, establishing it as a dominant force in the world, but also knew the dangers of such a devastating arsenal. He was regarded as being tough but fair, and driven in his objectives. Lieutenant Commander John McCloy was twice awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism in battle during the Boxer Rebellion in China and at the battle of Vera Cruz during the U.S.’s involvement in the Mexican Revolution. Both medals were awarded while McCloy was still in the enlisted ranks, before he became a commissioned officer. Ship’s Cook Third Class Doris Miller answered the call of duty when the USS West Virginia was struck by Japanese torpedoes during the Battle of Pearl Harbor. When his artillery gun had been destroyed by enemy weapons, he reported for alternate duty, helping to man machine guns, and carrying wounded crewman to safety, including his captain. His actions unquestionably saved dozens of lives that would otherwise have been lost. Scott 4440-43 Distinguished Sailors

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#4440S- 44¢ Distinguished Sailors - Set of 4
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