#4467S- 44¢ Sunday Funnies - Set of 5

For over 100 years, comic strips in the Sunday newspapers have been a weekly tradition that helps to alleviate the tension of the otherwise serious news periodical. Featured here are five of America’s favorite classic comics: Beetle Bailey, the sleepy army private; Calvin and Hobbes, an adventurous and imaginative child with his faithful stuffed tiger; Archie, the average American teenager; Garfield, the Monday-hating, lasagna-loving feline; and Dennis the Menace, who as his name would suggest, causes mischief for those around him. Let the laughs flow with these colorful characters. Scott 4467-71 Sunday Funnies

Order 41mm Mount Strips (No Pre-cut size available)

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#4467S- 44¢ Sunday Funnies - Set of 5
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