#3411 - $3.20 Escaping Gravity - Set of 2 hologramps

Enter zero-G with this set of two fully holographic stamps first issued at the World Stamp Expo in Anaheim, California. A model was commissioned to create the scene of two astronauts performing maintenance on the space station, but the solar panels on the solo space station stamps were too thin to be captured holographically. To solve this problem, the station was produced digitally instead of from the 3-D model. The selvage photograph is of astronauts David Leestma and Kathryn Sullivan working in space shuttle Challenger's open cargo bay in October of 1984. Scott 3411 Escaping Gravity

Order 127mm Mount Strips (No Pre-cut size available)

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#3411 - $3.20 Escaping Gravity - Set of 2 hologramps
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