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Photography is just as much a field of science as it is art. Literally meaning “drawing with light,” some of the earliest photographic devices like those used by Man Ray (1890-1976) simply used light and special photographic paper to imprint images, or the Daguerreotype invented by Louis Daguerre (1787-1851) which required a silver-plated sheet of copper treated with light-sensitive chemicals that would then be exposed to light and treated with mercury fumes. These early days of experimentation and invention were critical not only to the development of art and science, but also to American culture. The work of Carleton Watkins (1829-1916) convinced Abraham Lincoln to declare Yosemite a national preserve in 1864, and Lewis Hine’s photographs of labor conditions helped to inspire stricter child labor laws (1874-1940). The ability to more easily and accurately capture and record events has allows us a more detailed view of our own history, and so we thank these twenty pioneers for their ingenuity and commitment to their craft. Scott 3649 Photography

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#3649 - 37¢ Photography - sheet of 20
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