#3899 - 37¢ Northeast Forest - sheet of 10

Consisting primarily of beech, maple, and birch trees, these deciduous trees thrive due to the Northeast’s warm summers, cold winters, and year-round precipitation. These towering trees reach heights of up to 100ft and combine to form a dense canopy that shields the forest floor from sunlight, allowing certain species of shade-tolerant flora to flourish. Members of the rodent family, cold-blooded animals, and a diverse population of insects call this varied ecosystem their home. Among the ten stamps that make up this visually attractive expression of nature, highlighted are the white-tailed deer, a wild turkey, and the American black bear. Scott 3899 Northeast Forest

Order 171mm Mount Strips (No Pre-cut size available)

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#3899 - 37¢ Northeast Forest - sheet of 10
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